Turtle Skin Alpha Gloves

Comfortable Alpha Police Gloves

Slash, cut, and needlestick protection

Protects You from Needles and Cuts
The best selling TurtleSkin Alpha Glove gives you excellent cut and hypodermic needle protection.

The palm gives you both cut and needlestick puncture resistance.

The back of the glove has good slash protection.

Comfortable Fit, Easy To Wear
TurtleSkin Alpha Gloves offer a high level of dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

This combination of protection and dexterity lets police and corrections officers perform their tasks with confidence and comfort.

  • Hypodermic needle- and cut-resistant palm and fingertips
  • Slash-resistant knit on back of hand
  • Outstanding dexerity with short break-in time
  • High-stretch knit backing for snug fit
  • Grip pads to assist in searches

Best Glove For:

  • Law Enforcement Agents
  • Security Officials
  • Border Control Personnel
  • Prison & Correctional Services

Care Instructions:
Hand wash with cold water and a mild soap. Shape and lay flat until dry.


To make sure you get the best comfort, protection, and satisfaction, TurtleSkin Glove sizes are based on accurate hand measurements.

TurtleSkin Gloves come in many sizes to best fit you. Please use these charts to find your best glove size.

NOTE: Use the longest "finger length" or "hand width" measurement to find your size. If your longest measurement falls between sizes, order the larger size.



Hand Width Measurement: Wrap a tailor's measuring tape around your dominant hand just below knuckles, excluding your thumb, and make a fist. This measurement is your "hand width" glove size.

Glove width measurement guide 
6-7 inches XS
7-8 inches S
8-9 inches M
9-10 inches L
10-11 inches XL
11 plus inches XXL

Finger Length Measurement: Measure from the bottom edge of your palm to the tip of your middle finger to determine your "finger length" size.

6 5/16 inches XS
6 3/4 inches S
7 3/16 inches M
7 9/16 inches L
8 1/16 inches XL
8 7/16 plus inches XXL
  Glove height measurement guide


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